Stefanie Moshammer was born in Vienna in November of 1988.
After graduating from Fashion School Vienna, she received a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design & Photography at University of Art and Design in Austria
and she attended the BA in Advanced Visual Storytelling at the Danish School of Media and Journalism.
In 2015 her first photo-book “Vegas and She” got published by Fotohof edition, followed by “Land of Black Milk” published by Skinnerboox in 2017.
Stefanie has been selected as a FOAM Talent in 2016.
2017 she has been nominated for the ING Unseen Talent Award and she won the C/O Berlin Talent Award. This resulted in a nomination for the Foam Paul Huf Award in 2018.
Stefanie Moshammer’s work has been published in various print and online publications, including i-D, Collector Daily, It’s Nice That, ZEIT Magazin, M Le magazine du Monde, New York Magazine, VICE, Purple Fashion Magazine, DAZED and many more.
Her work has been exhibited throughout galleries, festivals and fairs in Europe, USA and the UK.

Stefanie Moshammer’s work springs from her direct experience of the world and explores the relationship of straightforward observation and the poetry of personal impressions.

“It is the work of a photographer beyond her years, an artist with the ability to capture our shared existence,
the essential insecurities of comparing one’s life to another as we increasingly live in smaller and smaller spaces,
with an eye as sharp and intense as any of her generation.”
– Tom Seymour / Arts Journalist – The Guardian, The British Journal of Photography, BBC Culture, Time Out

“Powerful colour schemes, cut-off fragments, close-up details and explicitly articulated contrasts characterise the photographic work of Stefanie Moshammer – a signature that is close to the scenography of stage and theatrical light. In her series she links the genre of documentary photography with the concept of fiction. Stefanie Moshammer tells an authentic story of places and people and still creates film-like picture stories.
— Margit Zuckriegl / Curator, Art Historian
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111 – 113 St John Street
London, UK
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(coming) C/O Berlin, “Not just your face honey”, Solo Exhibition, Berlin / D – opening July 6th
(current) WestLicht Photo Museum, “Therese”, with Viviane Maier, Vienna / AT – May 29th – Aug 19th
Photo London, “Austria.The Art of Discovery”, Group Exhibition, London / UK – May 17th – May 20th


“Tomorrow of Yesterday”, Foam Photography Museum, Solo Exhibition, Amsterdam / NDL
“Egenis” Fundraising Exhibition for Flying High for Haiti, Smith Davidson Gallery, Miami / USA
“Vegas and She”, Fotodoks Festival, Lothringer13 Halle, Munich / D
ING Unseen Talent Show, Unseen Photo Fair, Amsterdam / NDL
“A Room Of One’s Own”, Wetterling Gallery, Stockholm / SWE
“Land of Black Milk”, Gallery Mercatorplein x Foam 3h, Public Space Exhibition, Amsterdam / NDL
“Land of Black Milk”, Foam Talent Exhibition, Beaconsfield Gallery Vauxhall, London / UK
“Land of Black Milk”, Photo London with Gallery OstLicht, Sommerset House, London / UK
ÖsterreichBilder ”Therese”, Salzburg Museum, Salzburg / AUT
“Land of Black Milk”, Foam Talent Exhibition, Red Hook Labs, NY / USA


“Vegas and She” & ”Land of Black Milk”, Solo Exhibition, Galerie OstLicht, Vienna / AUT
“I Can Be Her”, Nu Nudes – Group Exhibition, during European Month of Photography, SWDZ Gallery, Vienna / AUT
viennacontemporary 2016 Art Fair, Galerie OstLicht, Marx Halle, Vienna / AUT
“Young Gods”, The Body Politic – Contemporary Photography from Austria, Gallery of Photography, Dublin / Ireland
“Land of Black Milk”, Foam Talent 2016 Exhibition, Gallery Mercatorplein / Unseen Photo Fair, Amsterdam / NDL
“I Can Be Her”, during Les Rencontres Photographiques de Montpellier, La Panacée Centre de Culture Contemporaine, Montpellier / France
Launch of limited Photo-Edition during photo:vienna with Elfie Semotan, Margherita Spiluttini, Irina Gavrich, MAK – Austrian Museum of Applied Art, Vienna / AUT


“I Can Be Her”, during International Photo-Festival of Rome / Call for Artists, Museum of Contemporary Art, Rome / Italy
“Vegas and She”, together with Iris Andraschek, Galerie Fotohof, Salzburg / AUT


Artistic positions are showing the link between Food & Art, with Roy Lichtenstein, Valie Export, Edward Weston, Joseph Beuys, Hermann Nitsch a. o., Nordico Museum, Linz / AUT
Lentos Kunstpreis, Selection of Artworks from Graduates of University of Arts and Design Linz, Lentos Museum, Linz / AUT


A W A R D S  &  N O M I N A T I O N S

Outstanding Artist Award from the Minister of Fine Arts Austria, 2018
Foam Paul Huf Award, 2018  – nominee
Austrian State Stipend for Artistic Photography, 2018
C/O Berlin Talent of the Year, 2017
ING UNSEEN Talent Award, 2017 – nominee
Florentine Riem Vis Grant from Foam Photography Museum, 2017
Plat(t)form – Fotomuseum Winterthur, 2017
Foam Talent, 2016
Unseen Dummy Book Award / Land of Black Milk, 2016 – shortlist
Author Book Award / Photobook Festival Les Rencontres d’Arles, Vegas and She, 2015 –  shortlist


P U B L I C A T I O N S   &  F E A T U R E S   (selected)


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Vegas and She – Anthony Bourdain / Parts Unknown   (US)
Interview on Metal Magazine – Land of Black Milk   (ES)
Refinery29 – Photographs of Women, by Women   (UK)


Rondo Magazin, Photography Special & Interview    (AUT)
Most Inspiring Photographs Of 2016, Refinery29   (UK)
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FOAM Magazine #45 Talent Issue   (NLD)
VICE – “Land of Black Milk” as the Cover Story of Sept Issue   (US)
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Collector Daily – Review about the book “Vegas and She”   (US)
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VICE US – How Strippers Are Fighting Exploitative Workplace Environments    (US)
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Der Greif – Online Exhibition curated by Ingo Taubhorn    (DE)
Best Books 2015: Aaron Schuman    (US)
Die Presse – showing “Vegas and She”    (AUT)

I N T E R V I E W S   (selected)


PH Museum – on “Land of Black Milk”


C-print Journal – on current happenings
DAZED – on “Land of Black Milk
Musée – on “Land of Black Milk
Metal Magazine – on “Land of Black Milk


C-print Journal
art – Das Kunstmagazin, in conversation with Almuth Spiegler    (German)
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i-D – in conversation with Emily Manning about the series “Young Gods”


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