Jan 04, 2018 – Tomorrow of Yesterday in Zeit Magazin

Current work on Haiti “Tomorrow of Yesterday” published in current Zeit Magazin.


Dec 13, 2017 – Artist Talk Foam Photography Museum




Nov 20, 2017 – AnOther on the current show at Foam Photography Museum




Nov 14, 2017 – Review on Land of Black Milk on Collector Daily

Book Review on Land of Black Milk on Collector Daily, written by Olga Yatskevich.


Nov 04, 2017 – Interview on C-print Journal

C-print Journal interviewed me on past and future work and current happenings.
See the link to read a few updates on my work.




Oct 27, 2017 – Tomorrow of Yesterday Exhibition Opening Foam 3h Photography Museum

My new work on Haiti will be exhibited at Foam 3h Photography Museum Amsterdam.
Opening: Nov 16th, 2017

More Info.

“In her series ‘Tomorrow of Yesterday’, Stefanie Moshammer researches notions of paradise, between Western ideals, yesterday’s promises, and the everyday lives of the people who live there.”



Oct 11, 2017 – Vegas and She at Fotodoks Festival Munich

My series Vegas and She (2014-2015) will be exhibited during Fotodoks –  festival for contemporary documentary photography in Munich, Germany.
Exhibition:  Oct 11th to Nov 26th, 2017
On Oct 12th I’ll be in conversation about my work with Konstantin Lannert. More Info here.

Foto: Maximilian von Lachner

Sept 06, 2017 – Cinema Photographique at MQ Vienna

Together with some other artists, my work will be shown in a video-installation as part of the “Summer of Movement” Festival in MuseumsQuartier Vienna.
Saturday Sept 9th, 8pm.



Aug 29, 2017 – Exhibition Wetterling Gallery Stockholm

I’m part of a group exhibition at Wetterling Gallery Stockholm, curated by C-Print Journal, TjejLand and VERK | Curerar.
Opening: Sept 7, 8pm

Aug 22, 2017 – Winner of C/O Berlin Talent Award

“C/O Berlin is delighted to award the first C/O Berlin Talent Award in the photography category to the Austrian artist Stefanie Moshammer (b. 1988, Vienna). Stefanie Moshammer and her work won over this year’s jury members—Diane Dufour (LE BAL, Paris), Shoair Mavlian (Tate Modern, London), Aaron Schuman (freelance critic and curator, London), Anne-Marie Beckmann (Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation) and Ann-Christin Bertrand (C/O Berlin)—as an extraordinary example of the current debate on the discourse surrounding the topic of New Documentary Photography. Her solo exhibition at C/O Berlin will allow her to present her work to a broad public at an international level.”



Aug 08, 2017 – Public Space Exhibition Gallery Mercatorplein

Parts of my series “Land of Black Milk” are currently on display in a public space exhibition at Gallery Mercatorplein, Amsterdam.
Gallery Mercatorplein x Foam 3h, 2017 © Foam









June 23, 2017 –  ING Unseen Talent Award 2017

I’ve been selected as a finalist for the ING Unseen Talent Award 2017.
Each finalist is rewarded with a programme, led by Nadav Kander, and a commission for the ING Collection.
The works will be exhibited during Unseen Amsterdam 2017.


June 02, 2017 – Land of Black Milk on the Guardian

The Guardian on my series Land of Black Milk and the current Foam Talent Exhibition in London.


May 24, 2017 – Florentine Riem Vis Grant

I’m happy to announce that I received the “Florentine Riem Vis Grant“.
The grant will lead to a solo exhibition at Foam Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam 3h in Fall 2017 with a new body of work.



May 20, 2017 – Photo London 2017

Find my work at this years Photo London Art Fair at the booth of Gallery OstLicht.


Verde e Rosa, from the series Land of Black Milk, 2016, 105×70 cm, Edition 10

May 19, 2017 – Fashion Story up on i-D

Stefanie Moshammer x meshit x i-D / whole edit here 




May 16, 2017 – Foam Talent Exhibition London

On May 17 is the opening of the Foam Talent Show at Beaconsfield Gallery Vauxhall in London.
It includes parts of my series Land of Black Milk. The show will be up until June 18.



May 15, 2017 – Interview on DAZED

Interview on Land of Black Milk  published on DAZED.



May 03, 2017 – Interview on Musée

Interview on Land of Black Milk  published on Musée.



April 24, 2017 – Efrem Zelony-Mindel on Stefanie Moshammer

There is an essay on my work on Baxter St, written by Efrem Zelony-Mindel.


April 16, 2017 – Exhibition at Salzburg Museum

Last year I got commissioned from the Austrian Minister of Fine Arts to work on a series based on my hometown Vienna.
The results are a series of images called “Therese” and are currently exhibited in a group show at Salzburg Museum, ”Facing Austria”.

“… Initially under the mantle of fiction the title of series suggests that it is about nothing
less than the quest for one’s own identity. Therese, the photographer’s second name,
embedded, defining, unused, intimate yet somehow alien too, can be interpreted as
symbolic of the dichotomy in her relationship with her own home town, which
Moshammer has captured in intense images with her characteristic instinct for narration
and styling – including, sternly yet glamorously, the portrait photograph from her own
passport, its pattern transformed as a cover motif for the abstract map. In it the name
stands black on white, beyond doubt, and inescapable….” – Rebekka Reuter






April 04, 2017 – Vegas and She on Anthony Bourdain’s Part Unknown

Vegas and She is published on Anthony Bourdain’s platform Part Unknown.


March 29, 2017 – Foam Talent Exhibition Opening New York

Today is the Exhibition Opening of the Foam Talent Show at Red Hook Labs Gallery in New York and includes my series “Land of Black Milk”.
The show will be open until April 16.


March 20, 2017 – Interview on Metal Magazine

Interview on Land of Black Milk  published on Metal Magazine. Words by Frankie Hall.


Feb 07, 2017 – Work available through Foam Museum Amsterdam

Two of my pieces – Lucas, 2016 & Lucas #2, 2016 –  are now available in a printed limited edition through Foam Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam.


Jan 02, 2017 – Plat(t)form 2017 Fotomuseum Winterthur

I’m invited to present some work during Plat(t)form 2017 in Fotomuseum Winterthur, along with some other great artists.








Nov 18, 2016 – Interview on C-print Journal


Nov 11, 2016 – Feature on Arcademi

See some of my work featured on



Nov 02, 2016 – Group Exhibition in SWDZ Gallery in Vienna

Showing some pieces of my series “I Can Be Her” as part of  European Month of Photography.
Opening: Nov 3rd 7pm
On view: Nov 4th and 5th
Curated by Elsa Okazaki.


Oct 12, 2016 – Interview on art – Das Kunstmagazin

In conversation with Almuth Spiegler about my work, the latest exhibition in Galerie OstLicht and some more.


Oct 06, 2016 – Die Presse about “Land of Black Milk”


Sept 21, 2016 – Article on Kurier

Marco Weise from Austrian newspaper Kurier interviewed Chef-Editor Christoph Amend from ZEIT Magazin on my latest showcase in their photography special.



Sept 21, 2016 – Photo Issue ZEIT Magazin

Once a year ZEIT Magazin dedicates a special issue to the work of one upcoming photographer.
This year I have the honour be showcased in their photography special.
The issue shows my series “I Can Be Her” and comes with an interview, written by Sascha Chaimowicz.



Sept 21, 2016 – the gap / 20 most interesting photographers

Austrian magazine the gap selected me as one of the 20 most interesting photographers in Austria.



Sept 19, 2016 – viennacontemporary 2016

Find my work at this year’s viennacontemporary Art Fair at Marx Halle Vienna, represented by Galerie OstLicht.
Article on Artsy below.


Sept 05, 2016 – VICE Cover

My series Land of Black Milk is on the Cover of US Magazine VICE / Sept Issue, along with a 6 spread feature inside.



Aug 31, 2016 – Unseen Dummy Book Award

My series Land of Black Milk has been selected for the Shortlist for the Unseen Dummy Book Award.



Aug 29, 2016 – Young Gods at Gallery of Photography Dublin

My series Young Gods is currently exhibited at Gallery of Photography Dublin and will be open until Sept 28.
The series includes a video projection and photographs.



Aug 29, 2016 – Up on Index

I’m in good company with some great talents on Index – a directory of contemporary photographers and filmmakers & a digital tool for finding talent from around the world.



Aug 15, 2016 – Feature on Refinery29

Joanna Cresswell did an interview on me and my work work Vegas and She for Refinery29.




Aug 13, 2016 – Exhibition in Galerie OstLicht

Save the Date – Oct 5th 2016 is going to be the opening of my exhibition in Galerie OstLicht in Vienna.




Aug 11, 2016 – Land of Black Milk on It’s Nice That

Read more on It’s Nice That about my latest series Land of Black Milk.



Aug 04, 2016 – Coverstory of ZEITmagazin

My series Land of Black Milk is the cover story of the last issue of ZEITmagazin.
Text is written by Journalist Thomas Fischermann, correspondent of Die Zeit in Brazil.



July 26, 2016 – FOAM Talent Exhibition

Today was the opening of the first Foam Talent 2016 exhibition at Gallery Mercatorplein in Amsterdam.
It includes work of my new series Land of Black Milk. In September it will move to Unseen Photo Fair & Festival.
Furthermore there will be an indoor show later on.





July 05, 2016 – FOAM Talent 2016

I have been selected as one of this years Foam Talents with my new series Land of Black Milk.
My work will be featured in Foam Magazine in Fall, as well as exhibited in different shows.
More info here.





June 12, 2016 – Lecture during ViennaPhotoBook Festival

I’ll give a lecture on Sunday, June 12th, 12am – during ViennaPhotoBookFestival, talking about my book “Vegas and She” and showing some recent stuff.
I’m in good company with Bertien van Manen, Carolyn Drake, Thomas Sauvin, David Campany, and some others.



May 05, 2016 – I Can Be Her exhibited in La Panacée

My series “I Can Be Her” is currently exhibited in La Panacée / Centre de Culture Contemporaine Montpellier, France.
Images are exhibited until end of May.







April 25, 2016 – Part of “Parterre de Rois”, Issue Happiness

Some of my images of my series Vegas and She are part of the latest issue of Italian magazine “Parterre de Rois”.
Haven’t seen such a well done magazine in a long time, with a timeless design and a fantastic collection of different artists – from painting, collage via still life, reportage and portraiture.






March 20, 2016 – Article about Vegas and She in french GRAZIA

Article on my story Vegas and She in the the March Issue of french GRAZIA, with an interview and a write-up about the book.


March 12, 2016 – Review on Hunger Magazine

Thank you Max Grobe and Hunger Magazine for this beautiful write-up.



March 09, 2016 – Posting for GUP Magazine

I’ll be taking over the Instagram page of @gupmagazine for the next 10 days.
I’ll be sharing work from different projects and also from Rio de Janeiro, where I’m based right now.
Follow @gupmagazine to see more.




March 01, 2016 – Interview on i-D about my series “Young Gods”

“The more grown up you become, the more you are forced to fit into a shape. As there must be a specific reason for you to exist,
because ‘wasting’ time is not accepted in a world like ours. There is almost no space for emptiness that leads to some completely unknown conclusion.
Sometimes the future becomes a worry and we all wish we were younger.”

Read and see my series on “Young Gods” on i-D.
Here is the German Version, beautiful written by Alexandra Bondi de Antoni.



Feb 29, 2016 – Book Review of Vegas and She on Yet-Magazine

Read the review of the book Vegas and She on Yet-Magazine, written by Mariella Amabili.




Feb 04, 2016 – Posting for ZEIT Magazin

I’ll be taking over the instagram account of ZEIT Magazine and posting from Rio de Janeiro the next week.
Follow @zeitmagazin to see more.



Jan 29, 2016 – Posting for Der Greif Magazine

I’ll be the Guest Blogger for Der Greif – magazine for photography & literature the next days.
There I’ll be posting work that inspires me and also some of my own work.


Dec 10, 2015 – Interview on art – Das Kunstmagazin

art – Das Kunstmagazin interviewed me for their weekly column “Junge Aktfotografie” with some selected work.


Dec 09, 2015 – Vegas and She selected as one of the best books 2015 by Aaron Schuman

Vegas and She is selected as one of the best books of 2015 by Artist Aaron Schuman.

“Despite the saturated glitz and gloss floating on the surface of these images, Vegas and She offers a subtle yet devastating insight into the moral desert that is Las Vegas, and hauntingly hints at the desperate reality that sits at the heart of this city, plagued by fantasies of lust, depravity and vice. Moshammer quietly hovers around the edges of the lives of strippers, escorts, and call-girls, intimating rather than exploiting their experiences — and the extremes to which they are driven — in a manner that is respectfully restrained but nevertheless deeply effective. The photographs themselves are visually seductive and seemingly ambiguous, and yet collectively they evoke a profound sense of sadness that is both painfully bleak and powerfully resonant.” – A. Schuman




Dec 08, 2015 – Interview on i-D

Emily Manning from i-D Magazine asked me some questions on Sin City’s gender dynamics and visual poetry
and showed some of the pictures of Vegas and She.


Dec 02, 2015 – Dec Issue VICE US

Some of my photos from my series Vegas and She are illustrating an article on the working conditions and rights of strippers in Vegas.
It’s very well written by Madison Mainwaring.
The article appears in the December issue of VICE magazine.
Here you can see the online version of it.




Nov 11, 2015 – Paris Photo / Polycopies Book Signing

So many books, so little time. Paris Photo, see you soon!
I’m gonna be part of the book-excess and signing my book Vegas and She on Friday Nov 13th – 2pm @ Polycopies at the booth of Galerie Fotohof.
Drop by, say Hi!



Oct 14, 2015 – Panel Discussion in MAK Vienna

I’m part of a panel discussion during the festival photo::vienna in MAK – Austrian Museum of Applied Arts.
Topic is “Photography between Art and Commercial Work” with Andreas Wellnitz (ZEITmagazin, Visual Consultant), Kozva Rigaud (Director of Shotview Agency),
Martin Stöbich (Photographer) and Stephan Hilpold (Rondo, Der Standard) is going to host the discussion.

Oct 14th – 7pm.
See more here.





Oct 13, 2015 – Profil Magazine Photo-Edition

Austrian Magazine Profil launched a Photo-Edition with photographers like Elfie Semotan, Margherita Spiluttini, Irina Gavrich and some others.
Each photographer sells one work in a limited edition, only available through Profil.
The photos are exhibited in MAK – Austrian Museum of Applied Art from Oct 14th – 18th, 2015.






“1978”, 2014 / 39×54 cm / c-print, matt


“1978” is photographed in the Nuclear Power Plant Zwentendorf / Austria. It is the only reactor in the world which has been completely built, but closed down before it was ever put into operation. 1978 a national referendum voted against the Power Plant and since then the building and all the objects in there are existing like archaeological documents. Everywhere, there are signs of life, interrupted, representing the thin line between life and extermination of nuclear power.

Oct 07, 2015 – “I Can Be Her” at the International Photo-Festival of Rome

Some pictures of my upcoming work “I Can Be Her” will be displayed in MACRO - Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome
during the International Photo-Festival of Rome / Call for Artists.
More Info here.

Preview of “I Can Be Her”:



Sept 24, 2015 – Samples of  I Can Be Her in the new A Priori Magazine 

Shot the cover for the new A Priori Magazine, along with a story inside.
It shows samples of my new upcoming work I Can Be Her.

Magazine Release was at Paris Design Week and Vienna Design Week, Sept 2015.




Sept 20, 2015 – Album Cover for Tomas Barfod

My picture of Tiania from my series Vegas and She is the new Album-Cover of Tomas Barfod’s new album Glory.
Tomas Barfod is a danish producer and DJ.


August 12, 2015 – Arnold Dreyblatt for The Wire

“Arnold Dreyblatt is the most rock ’n’ roll of all the composers to emerge from New York’s downtown scene in the 1970s.”
Shot for The Wire.





July 28, 2015 – Exhibition at Fotohof Gallery

Current exhibition at Fotohof Gallery, exhibited since June and going till August 1st, 2015.




















June 25, 2015 – Vegas and She shortlisted for the Author Book Award, Arles

I’m very happy to announce that among 728 submitted books, my book Vegas and She is shortlisted for the Author Book Award from the Photobook Festival Les Rencontres d’Arles.



June 25, 2015 – Exhibition Opening at Fotohof Gallery

Today is the opening of a double exhibition where I’m part of, together with Austrian artist Iris Andraschek.
You will see my work Vegas and She exhibited there.
Duration: July 26th – August 1st, 2015
Fotohof Galerie, Salzburg


June 01, 2015 – Article in Newspaper Die Presse

If you’re around Vienna, pick up newspaper Die Presse today.
There is a very well written article about my story Vegas and She on page 21.
Some background stories how I experienced the scene there (it’s in German).
Thanks to Heide Rampetzreiter for the interview.



May 06, 2015 – Vegas and She published in Süddeutsche Magazin

Vegas and She made it to the front page of Süddeutsche Magazin.
Sorry Kim Kardashian, this time the stripper girl’s butt is dominating the headline.
See the interview and some photos on their site.




April 29, 2015 – Feature Shoot is covering Vegas and She

Feature Shoot wrote an article about my story Vegas and She and announced my photobook.



April 28, 2015 – Interview on Wonderzine Magazine

If you’re able to read Russian: there is an interview in Moscow-based Wonderzine Magazine.




April 27, 2015 – Interview on Artsper Blog

Claire Phillips from Artsper interviewed me for their “I Love LA saga”.
See some photos from my series  This is California  and Vegas and She.




April 24, 2015 – Book Release Party for Vegas and She

Yesterday was my Book Release Party in one of the oldest brathel in Vienna.

Thanks to everybody who came by. I can’t believe I’m finally holding this piece of soul in my hands.
You’re beautiful and I hope you’re going to travel far.
My heart, it melts.



party2b        party4


April 23, 2015 – Newspaper Der Standard wrote about Vegas and She

Last week I had an interview with Der Standard about my story Vegas and She. Read and see the article online.
Thanks to Petra Eder for the write-up.



April 17, 2015 – Vice Article about my Book Release Party

VICE is announcing my photo-book & Release Party and showing some of my photos of Vegas and She.



April 14, 2015 – Interview on The Editorial Magazine

Shooting the breeze with Claire Milbrath from The Editorial Magazine.
Check out the interview and some (unseen) photographs.


April 13, 2015 – Vegas and She in a printed edition of 700 copies

Today, 700 copies were printed and prepped for the binding.
Such a balsam for my eyes.

112 pages
20.5 cm x 27.5 cm,
57 color plates
Offset print with added post card, hard cover with embossment

Book Release:
Thursday, April 23th
Queen Club Vienna (known to be one of the oldest brothel in Vienna)

Be prepared for some tempting pleasure!



March 29, 2015 – Kolkata Photos for Purple Travel

“When I think about Kolkata, I think about an absent presence. Women in Kolkata were absent, they were almost not existing, like ghosts.
Walking around in the streets of Kolkata means walking with 90% of men around you. Which resulted in photos of 90% of men.
Therefore, when I think about Kolkata, I think mostly about men. And me somewhere in between”
. – Stefanie Moshammer

Read and see my story about Kolkata/India on Purple Diary.






March 26, 2015 – Photos for Purple Travel

Catch a glance at some innocence of the purest place on earth: my photos of the trip to the Sahara Desert are up on Purple Travel.
Thanks to Purple Fashion Magazine.






March 26, 2015 – Interview on Fotografia Magazine

Fotografia Magazine did an interview with me – some insights into my inspirations and my series Vegas and She.
Thanks to Graziano Ferri.




March 09, 2015 – Vegas and She on GUP Magazine

”When you meet Vegas once, you feel like you are standing on the edge of a very tall cliff,” said Austrian photographer Stefanie Moshammer.
”If you fall, you fall into a jungle of madness.”

See the whole article on GUP – Guide to Unique Photography.




March 05, 2015 – Juxtapoz Magazine is covering Vegas and She

“… it’s the culmination of images and the unconventional approach to the way the photographer documents her subjects that makes the work stand out from others.”

See the whole article on Juxtapoz.





March 02, 2015 – Vegas and She featured on It’s Nice That

There is a great article on Vegas and She on It’s Nice That.




Feb 21, 2015 – America’s Next Topmodel up on VICE

VICE wrote a nice article about my time in Las Vegas and featured some photos of my dogshow series “Americas’s Next Topmodel”.





Jan 22, 2015 –  Online Exhibition Der Greif Magazine

See my photo “In her Room”, Las Vegas, 2014, in the online Exhibition of Der Greif Magazine, curated by Ingo Taubhorn.




Jan 13, 2015 – Vegas and She up on I LOVE YOU Magazine

Berlin based I LOVE YOU Magazine is showing some photos of my series Vegas and She.
See the whole article here.




Jan 05, 2015 – Vegas and She published on Purple Magazine

Purple Magazine is covering my series Vegas and She.

Read and see the story on Purple DIARY.




Nov 25, 2014 – Exhibition Fotografie am Brillantengrund

I’m showing some work in Hotel am Brillantengrund in Vienna, from Nov 25th to Dec 23rd.
More information here.









Nov 14 , 2014 – Exhibition in Museum Nordico Linz

Today is the opening of an exhibition I’m part of. The interface between Art and Food – Kunstgenuss Essen, from Nov 14th – March 22nd.
Together with Roy Lichtenstein, Valie Export, Edward Weston, Joseph Beuys, Hermann Nitsch, Paul Kranzler, and some others.

The series was developed in 2012 and is a critical reflection of society’s food behaviour, a masquerade of our throwaway society.















 Broteske Welt, 2012








Oct 17, 2014 – Solo-Exhibition in Vienna

Vegas and She – my series on Las Vegas – will be exhibited in Vienna.
Oct 17 to Oct 20, Studios am Rudolfsplatz 12, 1010 Wien.

See the event here.





Sept 30, 2014 – Dummy of Vegas and She

Vegas and She – my photographic novel about the striptease dancers and the environment of Nevada’s shimmering city, Las Vegas – is going to be published through FOTOHOF edition in April 2015.
The book needs few more edits, but it’s on its way.
Working my heart off!













June 30, 2014 – PANTA Magazine Issue 3

Some of my photos of my ongoing project on Las Vegas are published in the new PANTA Magazine.
See the online version here.












June 2, 2014 – Tiania aka Tony exhibited in Lentos Museum

This babe is  going to be exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art in Linz / Austria from June 2 to June 1, 2014.




June 13, 2014 – ViennaPhotoBook Festival

I’m going to be part of the ViennaPhotoBook Festival on June 14 and 15 in Ostlicht Vienna.
There I’ll show my first printed version of my project about Las Vegas which I developed the last 3 months.