Make Love

When I was 7 years old, we played a game in the recreation hall at school: the girls pulled down the pants of the boys. The more pants, the better. I was the leader of the game.
The teacher watched the game from outside. After the break, the teacher took me aside and sent me to the director. My parents were informed and I realized that I did something wrong.
What I perceived as fun, made me feel uncomfortable and embarrassed afterwards. Shortly after, my parents gave me a book for my birthday: “Das Buch vom Körper” (The Book of the Body).
It illustrated how the body works and looks, and obviously my parents’ concern was to give me an understandment of the male body. This felt weird.
A few years later, no book was needed anymore.
And now this one – “Make Love, the Men’s Book” – illustrated by a woman.
Men? Men are beautiful and always a myth. It’s like Plato says, “Beauty is the expression of truth.”
But truth is different for everyone. It is the truth of the unfathomability itself, the truth of the absolute mystery.
An eternal mystery between man and woman – you and me – where the unspoken often directs.
Where attraction and desire blend with discovery and revelation, and this forms trust and affinity.
The femininity serves me as an instrument to explore the masculine. I can not understand you. But that doesn’t matter.
Much more it’s about love, and there gender doesn’t play an important role.

- Stefanie Moshammer, 2017



“Make Love – Das Männerbuch”, the guidebook for men.
Publisher: Kein & Aber, 2017
Text: Marc Rackelmann
Design: Isabel Latza
Art Direction: Andreas Wellnitz
With photographs by: Stefanie Moshammer, Olaf Blecker, Monika Höfler and Vitali Gelwich. Infographics by Ole Häntzschel.


Book (excerpt):